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Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence at the 2014 Golden Globes

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Taylor Swift & Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes

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doctor who + colors (requested by anon)

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#isaac grew up in an abusive household #suffering not only verbal abuse but also physical abuse from his father #shoved into freezers for getting bad grades #getting glass objects thrown at him #black eyes handed out and who knows what else #is once again treated the same way (albeit only once) when Derek kicks him out of his house #(good intentions or not. Let’s forget he never knew why he got kicked out, he just thought he’d done something wrong) #so after all that he equates #do something wrong = get abused/mistreated/hit #which leads to asking one of his closest friends to hit him #because he feels like he betrayed his trust/did something bad #AND THE SHOW TREATS IT LIKE A JOKE #A PUNCHLINE TO A COMEDIC SCENE #and puts scott mccall #who knows about isaac’s history of abuse #and who would never treat anyone like that #history of abuse or not #throwing isaac against walls #jeff davis: fuck you tbh

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